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Trouble with Thumbnails

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  • Trouble with Thumbnails

    As I started to go through my complete library to make sure all pictures are scanned and recorded, I noticed that the first two pictures in one of the folders show a "Preview" icon instead of a small image of the actual picture, or an ACDSee icon.

    So I tried:
    • the "Refresh" command. No change.
    • moved to a different folder and then back. No change.
    • When I go to the View on those two pictures, I actually see the image
    • Closed and re-opened ACDSee Photo Studio. No change.
    • Rebooted the computer. No change.
    I have never seen:
    • thumbnails with this icon
    • thumbnails not eventually (after a complete scan) showing an image of the picture in question.
    Maybe someone has an idea why this happens and how to fix it.


    After installing ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac Version 6, I noticed that this bug no longer exists in this latest version. In fact Version 6 seems to be lightning fast compared to Version 5, and many of the little bugs have gone away. Great work ACDSee Team.
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