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Error when entering a Spotlight Comment

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  • Error when entering a Spotlight Comment

    Here is another strange error: When I highlight multiple pictures and then enter a Spotlight Comment for these pictures, I get an error message as soon as I step off the selected pictures. The error tells me that "Source File not found". I have no idea what it means, as all selected files were found and the Spotlight Comment was added to each of them. Attached is a screen video which shows the process I went through, including the error message:

    After installing ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac Version 6, I noticed that this bug still exists in this latest version.
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    Hi Tahunga,

    ACDSee Mac 6 is unable to write Spotlight comments to the file if the macOS version is 10.14 or above.
    This is a known issue (see the list of known issues in the ACDSee Mac 6 Release Notes).
    You can see that if you open the file in Finder and right-click > Get Info, the Spotlight comment field is empty.



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      Hi David,
      thanks for telling me. I guess I was so eager to try Version 6, I did not bother reading the Release notes. I should have

      Note that I asked about the use of the Spotlight comment and search in another post. Now that I know I can't use it at the moment, there is not urgency to answering my question. But eventually I would like to know what the thought and ideas behind the Spotlight DB and Search is, and will suggest to Adrienne to add the concept and ideas into the Help text.