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Spotlight Search does not seem to work as I think it should

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  • Spotlight Search does not seem to work as I think it should

    In the current Help Text I read:

    To Run a Quick Search:

    Do one of the following:
    1. In the Quick Search bar, type name:, followed by the name of the file you are searching for. ACDSee will return all files containing that name. For instance, if you search name: mark, ACDSee will return files such as mark.png and watermark.jpg, etc.
    2. In the Quick Search bar, type the keyword you want to search.
    3. Click on a metadata from the Organize or Properties pane and drag and drop it into the Quick Search bar.
    4. Click the pop-up menu beside the Quick Search field and select a previously entered search term.

    If you have performed searches before, Quick Search displays the five most recent searches. You also have the following search choices:
    Clear Recent Clears the list of recent search terms you used.
    Saved Searches Allows you to select a saved search or save a new search. This is useful if you use the same search terms often.
    Case Sensitive Displays search results matching the text. If you typed in Cat, the results displays files with Cat in its file name.
    Exact Matches Only Displays search results matching exactly what you type in the Quick Search field.
    Search Selected Folders Only Searches only in selected folders. To select a folder, press the Command or Shift keys.
    Database Search Searches only in the ACDSee database containing information about files explicitly indexed by ACDSee. Searches only in the database fields described above.
    Spotlight Search Searches the Spotlight database of all files on your computer.
    When I click the pop-up menu besides the Quick Search field I notice that the DATABASE SEARCH and the SPOTLIGHT SEARCH are an "either / or" selection. As shown in the help text above, when I select the Database Search the Quick Search searches through the current database content, providing it has been fully scanned. But what exactly does the quick search do when I select the Spotlight Search. I thought it would search for pictures which have the quick search text or part of that text entered in their Spotlight Comment field. But this does not seem to be the case. As an example:
    1. I selected the Spotlight Search in the pop-up Menu next to the Quick Search field.
    2. Then I entered the text "BC Ferry" in the Quick Search field. Note: I have many pictures in my Database which contain the words "BC Ferry" in their Spotlight Comment field. So I would expect to see all these pictures in the Results Window.
    3. However, the Results Window simply shows the note: There are no Items in the selected Folder.
    I even focused the search by selecting "Search Selected Folders Only" and picked the folder which definitively contains several pictures with the text "BC Ferry" in their Spotlight Comment field.


    Since the search did not work for me, can anyone tell me what the text in the Spotlight Comment field can be used for?

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    Update for ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac Version 6, regarding Spotlight Search.
    I just noticed the following issues with Spotlight search in Version 6:
    1. As mentioned in the help text I highlight several pictures and then enter the words "BC Ferry" into the "Spotlight Comment" field in the Properties window of the Manage mode.
    2. As soon as I click the return key I get an error report window telling me that the "Source File not found". In the upper part of the ACDSee window I also see a "progress bar" with the words "Set Property Spotlight Comment to 1 item"
    3. However, when I go back to all the pictures I highlighted in step 1 above, I noticed that they all had "BC Ferry" entered in their Spotlight comment.
    Here is the screen video showing the above three steps:

    When I then go to perform a Spotlight Search by:
    1. Click on the triangle to the right of the quick search icon,
    2. Select Spotlight Search on the bottom of the drop-down menu,
    3. Enter BC Ferry in the Quick Search Field
    ...the resulting window shows none of the pictures to which I added the Spotlight comment "BC Ferry". Instead I am shown the pictures and even folders which include the words "BC" and "Ferry".

    So it looks to me like the Spotlight comments and Spotlight Searches don't work at all

    And one more thing: Whether I select "Spotlight Search" or "Database Search" in the Quick Search drop-down menu makes no difference. I get exactly the same pictures presented in the results screen.
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      Hi Tahunga,

      ACDSee Mac 6 is unable to write Spotlight comments to the file if the macOS version is 10.14 or above.
      This is a known issue (see the list of known issues in the ACDSee Mac 6 Release Notes) and this is the root cause of the issue you're experiencing.
      You can see that if you open the file in Finder and right-click > Get Info, the Spotlight comment field is empty.

      ACDSee's Spotlight Search feature searches the macOS Spotlight database.
      If you'd like to search by Spotlight comment on 10.14 and above, one workaround is to write the comment using Finder.
      Once indexed in the macOS Spotlight database, the item should be returned when doing a Spotlight search for that comment in ACDSee.