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Why do I get fuzzy thumbnails?

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  • Why do I get fuzzy thumbnails?

    As I was working with a bunch of pictures I noticed that the last four thumbnails in one specific folder were all fuzzy. I restarted ACDSee several time, used the Refresh feature, and switched to other folders and back .... but the thumbnails stay fuzzy. So I have to believe that it has something to do with the file type, size of picture, or something.

    Here is what the thumbnails in the Manage mode look like:

    And here is one of the four pictures. Just to show that the picture is actually very sharp. It's just the thumbnail which is not.

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    After three days I noticed that the thumbnails "magically" have been fixed. They are now sharp. But in the meantime I have another group of thumbnails which have a problem. They are the thumbnails of the last four pictures in a new file with very few pictures in it. Here is what the thumbnails look like in the "Manage" window

    ....and here is what the thumbnails and one picture looks like in the "View" window.

    ...Looks to me like ACDSee on my iMac takes virtually days to update/scan pictures. Hopefully that will be fixed in Version 6.


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      It used to bother me as well, but I think (pretty certain) that this has been fixed for good in Photo Studio for Mac '6' which seems to refresh everything faster and promptlier. Let me know when you get to try out its demo.


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        Hi Marathonianbull,
        you are absolutely right. V6 does seem to have fixed this issue. Even on my older iMac version 6 seems to work MUCH better.

        Thanks for letting me know.


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          Hi Tahunga and Marathonianbull,

          Thank you for the feedback.

          Tahunga, regarding the thumbnail issue you are experiencing, please try the following:

          1) In the folders pane, browse to the image's parent folder. Now Refresh (cmd+R).
          2) If this doesn't fix the issue, please try Tools > Metadata > Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata. Note this is a new command in v6.



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            Thanks David. I love the new "Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata" command in V6. Just hope it will not take as long as the initial db creation when I upgraded to V6. The db process took about 12 hours. Since then it is much faster in all aspects.