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Some characters do not work when creating new subfolders

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  • Some characters do not work when creating new subfolders

    Using a 2013 iMac with wireless Apple keyboard, running OS 10.14.5. When I create a new subfolder using the "create new folder" plus sign at bottom left, some characters will not show up. I first noticed it with the question mark, but others do not work also. The slash on the same key does not work. Semi-colon works, but not colon; left and right arrows do not work. Most others seem okay but I did not test every key.

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    No response to this - the problem still exists in 6.1.1536. I can use these characters to create a new folder in Finder, and ACDSee will reproduce them, but it will not allow me to write them, e.g. a folder called "walnut/sitka".


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      Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for the feedback and apologies for the delayed response. I confirm your findings. Currently, ACDSee does not support writing the following characters to file/folder names: &*|\:"<>/?
      This issue has been logged in our internal bug tracking system.

      Thank you,