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V6 is here and ......pffffft

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  • V6 is here and ......pffffft

    Well I tested the new V6 and while there may be some subtle changes deep in the system, I see no measurable changes at the user level. Still not able to assign dates earlier than 1900, still not a single repair tool....etc. etc

    Think seriously about plunking down more money for the privilege to be an unpaid beta tester as someone pointed out..

    Be sure to test the free version before $$
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    I like it, but have already mentioned that ; )

    Same excellent IQ output, my friend. An improved DAM here and there, and overall a noticeably faster software in terms of movement fluidity, image refresh! In my case, the upgrade costed '$$' minus '$' so I couldn't resist the immediat purchase; your mileage may vary.

    I agree with you though, that some new features (Auto WB, Repair tools, Layers, Creative filters, just to name a few) should be added to the already great Develop module asap, in order to be fair for Mac users versus Windows'...


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      Agree all around, just never a finished product, not that all apps are finished but a new wave of AI based competing products are emerging and ACD is still struggling with standard features.


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        At this point I'd settle for pfffft if it worked.
        I've had to uninstall and install 5 times.
        First install migrated database and keywords were missing and the app crashed.
        Second install retired database and same result.
        Third install created categories to replace the missing keywords, deleted those keywords, then did the restore, all the tags/keywords were there but I watched them as they disassociated from the least no crashes.
        Fourth install embedded metadata into files and then cataloged the folders. Success! it can't develop, show in finder, etc any pictures on removable SSD. Renamed the SSD and lost all tags/categories. Had to re-catalog the folders but then it was working.
        Fifth install - installed the 6.1.1536 update today and YAY! Back to problem 4.
        And this is a new/clean Mac Book.

        This is my last go at it. If I'd paid full price I'd want a refund. It's just too flaky so I'll keep running V5


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          As I pointed out, a never finished after complaining for 6 years you still can't tag a picture with a date earlier than 1900. New flash...the world didn't suddenly appear in 1900.