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Problem with batch/border function

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  • Problem with batch/border function

    Still using version 5.3.1401. When I apply a border to an image that is 1800 x 1200 pixels, for printing on 4x6 paper, the resulting image with border no longer has the 3:2 proportions, so it will not print properly on 4x6 paper.

    Edit: Apologies, this is not a bug. Adding a border of equal width changes the ratio from 3:2 to something else so it will not print properly on 4x6 paper. For my purposes I reduced the image size in Batch /Resize to 1600x1000, so that when I added a border the finished size (with border) indicated in the Batch/Border window indicated 1800x1200 pixels. I was glad to find this feature but it took a bit of figuring.
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