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Embed metadata into a png file crashes ACDSee

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  • Embed metadata into a png file crashes ACDSee

    ACDSee Photo Studio 6 crashes while attempting to embed metadata into a png file.
    But ACDSee reads IPTC metadata written by Photo Mechanic 5 into the same files.

    OS X High Sierra 10.13.6

    ACDSee version 6.0.1484

    Anyone else has this issue? Any fix for it? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi alexP,

    Thank you for your feedback. May I ask some questions:

    1) How was the png file created?
    2) Are all png files affected, or only certain ones?
    3) What metadata are you embedding?
    4) Are all metadata properties affected, or only certain ones?
    5) Could you share the crash report?



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      Hi David,
      • All png files are screenshots created in iMac, OS X El Capitan.
      • OS X High Sierra 10.13.6
        • Several keywords were embedded in each file using Photo Mechanic 5.
        • ACDSee reads these embedded keywords.
        • A category for png files was assigned in ACDSee.
        • ACDSee crashes when trying to embed metadata (assigned category) in png files.

      Thanks for your assistance.
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        Whether any work related to my inquiry is ongoing?


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          Hi alexP,

          Apologies for the delayed reply. We have investigated this issue but not able to reproduce it. We've tried the following steps along with variations, but the result is successful:

          1) Using the Mac screenshot tool, take screenshots (PNG files).
          2) Using Photo Mechanic 5, write Keywords to those PNG files.
          3) Using ACDSee Mac 6, confirm the Keywords are present in those files. Then assign an ACDSee Category, and Embed.

          We've tested on macOS 10.13.6 using both 6.0.1484 and 6.1.1536.

          In your case, were there any other modifications made to the PNGs prior to trying to Embed the Category?

          Are you able to share the crash report so we may understand the crash better?



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            Hi David,

            I tried to attach a crash report - file is too big. Here is a link instead.


            I think I found a condition for the failure - files are on external
            USB-3 hard disk (*). To test I copied png files to a directory on the
            internal disk - embed metadata worked.

            My collection of images take about 1TB on a hard disk. ACDSee database
            and images are saved on an external disk(*).

            Now I noticed other problems:
            With files on an external disk(*):
            - Command <Tools-Metadata-Embed ACDSee Metadata in Selected files> is grayed out.
            - Command <Clear Embed Pending Flag> doesn’t work. Files are still marked with DB icon.
            Both commands work correctly with files on the internal disk.

            (*) External hard disk is connected to an USB-3 hub. Hub uses its own power
            supply. All worked not bad, except that problem with png files, when a
            disk was connected directly to MacBook Pro.

            Hope this helps.
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              Hi alexP,

              Thank you for the additional info.
              How long is the full file path of the PNG file that is on your removable drive?

              As a test, would it be possible to try the following:
              1) make a new folder at the root level of the external disk. Give it a short name, e.g. Test.
              2) Copy the PNG to that folder.
              3) If the copy of the PNG has a long filename, rename it to something short, e.g. test.png.
              4) Assign a category and Embed.

              With this copy of the PNG that has a shorter file path, do you still experience the issue?



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                Hi David,

                The length of the full path = 187 characters
                The length of the file name = 12 characters

                There is no problem when the full path is 34 characters and file name is 64 characters.



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                  Hi alexP,

                  Thank you for the reply.
                  I confirm this issue is due to a bug, which occurs when the full path length is greater than ~150 characters (number is not exact) and affects encoding PNGs only (other filetypes are not affected).
                  This issue is not related to the keywords from Photo Mechanic.
                  The workaround is to perform the encoding operation with a shorter full path (less than ~150).

                  I recognize the workaround may not be convenient and I apologize for this issue. I have reviewed this with the development team and product team and the issue is tracked in our internal bug tracking system.