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Here is a weird one !!!

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  • Here is a weird one !!!

    In one folder I have four (pretty poor) pictures. Please note: The four pictures show the same house. The garage is on the right side of the house. In my screen video I show how both the Manage mode and the View mode show the pictures correctly. But when I go to the Develop mode, one of the four pictures switches and shows the garage on the left. I have tried the "Refresh" command, but the issue persists. I also tried to use the "flip horizontally" command, but regardless of what I do, the one picture is simply a rebel and does not want to be aligned properly. Why would that be?

    Here is the link to the screen video, showing the issue:

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    Hi Tahunga,

    Thank you for the feedback. Some questions:

    1) Did you import/restore your database from a previous version?
    2) If so, was the Thunderbolt 4TB removable drive connected at the time you imported/restored?



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      Hi David,
      1. Yes, and
      2. Yes
      Keep in mind: I do some unusual things as I:
      1. Have ACDSee Photo Studio 6 running on my iMac with macOS High Sierra, and also running on my macBook Air running macOS Catalina
      2. Use the same ACDSee database which is kept on my removable hard drive called Thunderbolt 4TB
      3. Sometimes work on the very same pictures using either of my two computers, but the same data base