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  • Sort by Date Taken doesn't always

    I have several folders that contain photos taken with one or two iPhones over the course of a full year. Many of the files from one of the phones have almost no EXIF data, but accurate Created dates appear in ACDSee's Manage-Properties-File Information pane. When the files in these folders are sorted by Date Taken, ascending, these EXIF-poor files (lacking EXIF Date Time Original and Date Time Digitized) appear first, in order of the File Information created date. The remainder of the photos (with the Original/Digitized dates) follow these files in expected order. In other words, rather than sorting all the files in the folder, the files are split into two sets, each sorted independently.

    In both the MacOS Finder and Adobe Bridge, sorting by date created sorts the contents of the entire folder as one set, as expected.