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  • Map feature has bugs

    Putting a picture on the world map works usually good, if the GPS is directly recorded from a smartphone or camera. For those pics without GPS I have used the "Photos exif editor" programm, which allows the introduction from a map. While this works for some pictures, other show a weired reaction: the properties panel of ACD Mac 6 shows the correct GPS coordinates, but the map feature places it somewhere else (e.g. a Vancouver pic is placed into the sea before Gabun).

    Is this a bug or is something done wrong by me?


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    The Mt. Rainier / northern China switch sounds like it could be a W longitude being read as an E longitude. Not sure how your phone or camera or ACDSee handle coordinates, but W longs are often stored as negative numbers, E as positive. If the minus sign gets dropped, you end up with an E long instead of a W, e.g., China instead of Washington.


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      Many thanks forthe hint. It is really a problem changing E and W. However, the Photos exif editor does not operate with negative signs. But: ACDSee metdata record it correctly as W (in the properties list). But shows the opposite. Unfortunately it is not a case of changing it to E artificially. You get to the same location then.