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  • Image saved is black

    When working with a large (1 GB+) tif file produced on an older Epson scanner, when I save from it, the resulting jpeg is black. The thumbnail appears fine, the image shows correctly in the Manage, View and Develop windows, the image changes according to edits, but when it is saved, either entirely or as a crop, the result is black. This result is also seen as black in Affinity and View NX-i. Is this a bug or a function of too large a file? I have developed many tif files from this scanner previously.

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    HI Bruce,

    Thank you for the report. May I ask, what are the dimensions of the image? And what graphics card does your Mac have, and how much memory?

    Thank you,


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      David, the original scan was three old photos, done at 3200 ppi for high resolution. The resulting tif appears okay in ACDSee, and can be viewed okay, and responded to editing. Size is 1.48 GB, 31616 x 23440. I cropped one of the three images out of the scan, a little more than a third of the scan area. After development, I saved it as a tiff, but it is black. The size of the saved (black) tiff is now up to 2.05 GB, but dimensions are smaller at 15206 x 22477. My iMac is 2013, 3.2 GHz with 24 GB RAM. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 1 GB. I have not been working on scans lately. Bruce.


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        Hi Bruce,

        Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I can reproduce this issue and will review with the product team.