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    As ACDSee Mac 6 does not support Olympus TG5 raw files I have to use an external editor. I am trying Corel Aftershot. When opening Aftershot from Mac 6 it starts Aftershot with the pix to be edited. After that first time it does not show the pix anymore in Aftershot and you have to manually navigate to the file. Very cumbersome.
    Is there a fix for that?

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    Hans, I would suspect the problem is with Aftershot, not ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6. Corel purchased the underlying technology for Aftershot (originally Aftershot Pro) from Babble Labs almost 10 years ago and has done little to improve that framework since then. Instead, they've incorporated mostly cosmetic add-ons for marketing purposes. A better perspective is here.

    Have you tried the Olympus Workspace app? All you have to do is provide the serial number of your Olympus camera for a free download from Olympus. You can set it as an external editor in ACDSee, and from there open the file in Workspace for conversion. Then export as a TIF for final editing in ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6.



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      I tried Olympus Workspace, updated to latest version but it is unworkeably slow on my Mac. Any adjustment in Raw takes 2/3 sec to become visible! Exporting a file takes up to 15s!
      Underwater photography is my passion and the Olympus TG5 is a very good compact camera for that and is used alot. It is very disappointing and hard to accept that ACDSee does not support this camera. Apple does not support the TG5 Raw files and that was the reason given by ACDSee.....So I am forced to look for another editor than ACDsee. Aftershot Pro is the first I tried.....


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        Meanwhile I have purchased Luminar 4 which, unlike Corell Aftershot and Olympus Workflow, works flawless with ACDSee Mac6.
        Very happy with Luminar 4 for processing underwater raw files from Olympus TG 5!


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          I'm a PC guy so I might be working on old information, but I thought most Apple platform software just used Apple's own raw converter. Has that stopped?