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  • Batch rename

    Batch rename does not retain the file nbr for .jpg and .orf files of the same pic.
    Eg. P0001.jpg
    Test 01.jpg
    Test 02.orf rather than Test.01.orf
    after batch rename processing.

    I tried all options for renaming to no avail.
    Very unhandy bug which makes renaming in this situation unuseable!
    Please provide a fix for this in the next update!

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    Hi Hans,

    Thank you for this report. I confirm the issue is as you say. This issue has been logged in our internal bug tracking system.



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      Thank you David!
      Hope it will not take very long to fix...
      regards Hans


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        I have noticed this too, and assumed it had been designed that way, but it would be better if duplicate files carried the same name with different extensions.


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          I have noticed this problem as well. I spent hours rearranging around 150 resized jpegs of an opera show that I had shot over three nights into some sort of chronological order to keep a flow, as I was about to make a slideshow with music in ACDSee Video Studio 4. Using the Batch Rename, I changed them from say, as an example,6.8.19-77 to COSI F.T.-8. It did change the file names and I could see the images with new names in Photo Studio 2020, but when I went to load them into the Video program, they wouldn't show and also there was no image in Windows 10 either. There was the file name but no image.
          Do you have any suggestions as how I can rename them until you fix the bug, or do I have to wait until it is resolved there at ACDSee??


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            Hi Phil,
            Based on the description of your issue, when you renamed your images, did you add the extension .jpg at the end of your rename template? Since your rename template had a dot "." (in your example, COSI F.T.-8), I suspect you changed all your file extension for those files. So windows and Video Studio 4 can no longer recognize them. Can you please do a quick test, rename 1 or 2 of those files again but with .jpg at the end of your template. That should ensure the images have the .jpg extension and fix the issue for you. Thanks.

            ACD Systems