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  • Database issues?

    I am having several serious problems handling my photos in ACDSee Mac6.
    My entire library of 25000 pics comes from Windows when I switched to Mac recently. In the process I have had to cut and move them several times across HDD's and SSD.
    They all reside on an external SSD.
    The problems now are:

    1. When moving a 12GB folder with raw files to another location on the external ssd drive (click and drag) the folder got deleted! I could not believe this could ever happen but it did and the only way to solve this was with a backup.

    2. Batch Time stamp is greyed out erratically regardless of the number of files selected

    3. I cannot move photos to the bin anymore whichever way I try. Restart the Mac and ACDSee made no difference. In Finder delete works fine.

    4. When going from Manage to Develop for a particular photo a different photo comes up in the Develop mode!

    I am starting to loose confidence in this version of ACDSee!

    How can these issues be solved?

    Hans van Rijn

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    Hi Hans van Rijn

    Sorry to learn that you run into these issues in ACDSee for Mac 6.

    I will create a support ticket, and send you email to schedule a remote access meeting to understand and troubleshoot the problem.


    ACDSee customer care.


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      Am also having the 'cannot delete' problem in 6.2.1681. 'move to trash' does nothing. None of the 3 options to delete work, command-backspace, right click 'move to trash' or pull down menu 'move to trash. Have been moving to a different folder, then deleting that folder... Annoying.


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        Hi tomb01,

        I am sorry to learn that you ran into problem to delete the files in ACDSee for Mac. I will send you a support ticket to follow up, and schedule a remote access meeting to understand and troubleshoot the issue.



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          Hi Hans van Rijn and tomb01,

          You mention that you can't move photos to Trash. Did you create the ACDSee database on a different machine than the one you're currently using?