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Error switching to Develop Mode from Manage Mode or View Mode

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  • Error switching to Develop Mode from Manage Mode or View Mode

    Hi. When I triying develop an image from Manage Mode or View Mode, in the Develop Mode always opens the first image of the folder no the image I choiced. This would not be a problem in case that I had few images per folder, but I have hundred of images per folder and always I have to search in de Development pane the image that I need. I Tried by double click and from Manage Mode and View Mode also in the menu View - Develope Mode opt+com+D Thank you in advance.

    OS Catalina 10.15.7
    ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac OS Build 6.2.1681

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    Hi aTx2000,

    Thank you for your feedback. Two suggestions:

    1) In Manage mode, do you have more than one thumbnail selected before switching to View/Develop mode? If so, does the issue go away if you just select one?
    2) If the issue remains, could you try creating a new database via the File > Database > New... command, and then checking if the issue still occurs? Note this will not affect your current database and you can switch back to your current database via the File > Database > Recent list.

    Please let me know the result and we can troubleshoot further.

    Best regards,


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      Hi David. I'm sorry for this delay to reply you. The second one solution was great, now it seems all is OK. As for the first option, I selected a single image.
      Thank you very much for your support.

      Best regards.