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NSSQLiteErrorDomain error 11 !?

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  • NSSQLiteErrorDomain error 11 !?

    Hi David,

    What can I do? After a sudden crash while browsing images on my Mac with ACDSee for Mac 7, my computer suddenly crashed and rebooted itself; now unable to relaunch ACDSee Mac 7, always showing this message (see attachement):

    NSSQLiteErrorDomain error 11 !? (The soft chocked while browsing / cataloguing large pic folders for the first time.)

    Had to erase all files related to ACDSee Mac 7 from my Big Sour system, then re-installed ACDSee from scratch. No idea if this erratic behaviour will be back yet...

    UPDATE1: Chocked again (not immediately afterwards) while performing a first-time folder cataloguing, but without any NSSQLiteErrorDomain error 11; just an endless spinning wheel that forced me to a force reboot of my iMac (27" Late 2015 3.3 GHz 16 GB RAM Radeon R9 M395 2 GB on Big Sour 11.2.3)

    I've tried to slow down my "browsing" speed a bit, by letting ACDSee's cataloguing processes reach 100% in each new folder (i.e. without interruption due to back & forth navigation.) That seems to help somehow, since my computer hasn't crashed yet by doing so. Perhaps it's the new MacOS, or ACDSee, but I must say that my Mac has always been pretty stable (?)

    UDDATE2: The above NSSQLiteErrorDomain error 11 has happened again and again (about 5x today), each time while creating a new Database i.e. cataloguing my pic folders one by one or by Easy-Select Multiple Folders. Generally, the spinning wheel shows up and then I must force-quit the application; sometimes, the Mac reboots by itself! After that, if I try to launch ACDSee the pesky 'NSSQLiteErrorDomain error 11' warning shows up so I must re-install ACDSee Mac 7 from scratch (actually, just erasing the entire ACDSee mac 7 folder in Application Support seems to do the trick). Too bad, because each time I must lose my Database (thumbnails, etc.)

    Thanks for your help or advice,

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    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for this report. May I ask some questions:

    1) Does this happen consistently when you browse a certain folder, or randomly?
    2) Where are the folders located, e.g. local volume, removable, or network?
    3) Could you generally describe the contents of the folder you browsed when the issue was triggered? For example, what kind of images and roughly how many etc?
    4) Is your ACDSee database at the default location or a custom location? To confirm, are any other clients or processes accessing the ACDSee database?



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      Thank you, David.

      As I described above, it was as if the program was suddently chocking from swallowing too much data!

      1) Randomly: very often earlier today (about 5-6 times in a row), as I was browsing rather freely across various folders for the purpose of creating my new database (establishing thumbnails & calendar count); since my last crash however, after erasing the folder 'ACDSee Photo Studio 7' in 'Application Support' and relaunching ('New Database' vs 'Imported from v6', chosing New again), I was at last able to have ACDSee catalog all of my folders by methodically waiting to reach 100% of the pics in each folder (without touching anything else.. did that help?)

      2) Local volume only: I have a Samsung T5 connected as a Time Machine, but didn't try to read anything from it; once or twice, I even crashed while it had been disconnected.

      3) Hard to say! Folders containing from 50 to 500 pics, mostly 5 MB to 25 MB JPG, sometimes bigger RAW or TIF.

      4) Yes, at the default location i.e. at Daniel/Library/Application Support/ACD Systems/ACDSee Photo Studio 7/Database; no other user, buy clients or processes no idea. I was wondering if keeping my previous version active could cause a mix-up, on the other hand both v6 and v7 have their own folders including Database.

      Could it be another "Big Sur" effect? Or could it be caused by some kind of online interference?

      Note: With v6 I would just reach a certain folder then focus on developing a chosen pic, so it never really crashed; with v7, because my ambitions were to start using ACDSee more as my main digital asset manager, I got very proactive today in the 'Manage' mode!
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        Hi Daniel,

        Thank you for the quick reply and the helpful info. May I ask more about the TIF files? Which app or apps do you use to create the TIFs? Generally, could you describe the TIFs? For example, how big (in terms of both byte size and pixel dimensions)? Are they compressed (if so, which compression method)? Do they have any other notable characteristics, for example, are they multi-page TIFs or do they have transparency, etc?

        Browsing away before the folder reaches 100% should not be a problem. But another question: while you are browsing a folder in ACDSee, are the contents of that folder ever being changed (or added to) outside of ACDSee?

        Thank you,


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          I will take another look at this today, by making a conscious effort this time to keep track of my browsing sequence. During my numerous crashes yesterday, I was not really doing anything that could have altered folder contents while browsing them with ACDSee. However, because you mention it, I have recently started using the latest Nik Collection 3 employing multi-page TIFs as a non-destructive method for saving modified images. I believe that there may have been a few of these files amongst the visited folders... ; (

          However, the last database that I was finally able to build yesterday without any hiccup encompassed a few multi-page TIFs. Is ACDSee more fragile when recording them into its database?

          Practically speaking, if ever another spontaneous "crash" happened, what specific files should I delete in the ACDSee's Application Support folder that would allow me to relaunch the application (i.e. to avoid the looping NSSQLiteErrorDomain error 11 message at launch) without losing ALL accumulated data (thumbnails, calendar count, tags, ratings, categories, embed pending, etc.)? Was my database file "com.ACDSystems.ACDSeePhotoStudio7 (version 9.0).mediaDatabase" itself corrupted, thus preventing ACDSee from launching normally after each crash?

          Can any interaction with files via ACDSee v6 be detrimental to the performance and stability of v7 (they each have their own database)? In case of another crash, would I be better off rebuilding a new database from scratch (as I have done so far), or importing v6 database (and erasing all traces of this older version)?

          UPDATE: While ACDSee was closed, with no external Samsung T5 SSD connected, I opened Exposure X6 and from there called Nik ColorEfex as an external editor so as to create a big multi-page TIF from a JPG on my local disk. Then quit. Launched ACDSee again, and no problem there: I could easily navigate the folder containing that new TIF file, and develop it further... Have done this test twice, without problem.

          Will keep you informed, but so far so good. Thank you for the excellent support, by the way.
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            Hi Daniel,

            Thank you for the update.
            Using the info you've provided as a reference point, our QA team is investigating the issue. So far, we've not been able to reproduce the problem so at this point I'm not sure what the cause is.
            I've sent you a private message, perhaps we can have a quick screensharing session so I can see the problem (and also discuss the other points)?



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              same issue! for me it´s also random deleting files from external HD. So I need many backups to cover. Very stressfull. ACDsee 7.2