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  • Open with button not working

    I saved a version of an image file in .afphoto (Affinity Photo format). ACDSee will not allow me to enter IPTC data for the file (as expected), but shows a button with the option of "Open with:" and two options, Affinity Photo and Other. When I click or double-click on the Affinity Photo option it does nothing. Clicking on the "Other" option takes me to a Finder window as expected. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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    Hi Bruce,

    I tried opening an afphoto file from ACDSee using the Open With menu and choosing Affinity Photo but I couldn't reproduce the problem. The file opened in Affinity Photo as expected for me.

    Does "Open With" work for you in Finder?
    In ACDSee, an alternative is to set Affinity Photo as an External Editor.



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      I can "Open with" in Finder, and I can also control-click on a thumbnail in "Manage" and "Open With" Affinity, but even when I list Affinity Photo in External Editors (I had not previously) and restart ACDSee, Affinity will not open in the ACDSee "Open with" window under File Information. Is this one of those things where I need a two button mouse?