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iCloud Drive -> Spinning Wheel

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  • iCloud Drive -> Spinning Wheel

    Hi everyone, hi [email protected], and Happy New Year!

    New year, new exciting ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac version (8), new MacOS (12), new MacBook Pro (M1 Pro)...

    I thought there was a bug with ACDSee for Mac version 8 on M1 Pro, but after several tests and a whole system reinstall, there was something wrong with my Mac's Finder index! Now runs VERY smoothly so...


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    Hi Maratonianbull and David,

    based on the title "iCloud Drive -> Spinning Wheel" I have a feeling my issue is related. I would entitle mine "Sometimes Beach Ball stops spinning."
    I run on a new MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. And when I first noticed the issue my MacOS was 12.1 Here is the issue:
    • Many times when I execute a "Batch Job" with many pix, or any "Develop" function (again affecting multiple pictures) the "beach ball" starts to spin (as it should). But then quite often it stops as if the progress was frozen. Once the ball is frozen I can get it to spin by moving the cursor. But as soon as I stop the movement, the ball stops again.
    • It feels like the process is indeed frozen for a while.
    Today I had a good discussion with an Apple Support Technician and learned that:
    • The ball stopping is not unusual. However when it stops while using one, and only one application, that could indicate that there is something wrong with that application.
    • The latest upgrade to MacOS 12.2 does solve some of these kinds of issues.
    Since my issue only appears when I use ACDSee Photo Studio 8 for Mac I figured I should let ACDSee know. Maybe the issue is indeed directly related to ACDSee.