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Can't delete picture files using keyboard commands

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  • Can't delete picture files using keyboard commands

    The bad news is: My ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac (Version 8.1.2323) is going from bad to worse. Today it does not let me use:
    • The "Move to Trash" command in the list of commands which appear when I click with two fingers on a picture in Manage view,
    • The "File>Move to Trash" command,
    • "Command+Delete" command.
    ....all of these are supposed to delete the associated picture file .... but as of today, they no longer do in my case.

    The good news is: The problem seems to be the same as the one I reported under "ACDSee Photo Studio 8 (for Mac): Basic Bug with pictures in Studio 8"
    In short, the delete commands work fine as long as the picture files are on my internal drive. But they do not work if the picture is in a library stored on an external hard drive.


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    Hello David and ACDSee development team,
    I think I have found the issue which is related to my two problem reports: "ACDSee Photo Studio 8 (for Mac): Basic Bug with pictures in Studio 8" and "Can't delete picture files using keyboard commands". I know you tried to reproduce these bugs, but could not. And I think I now know why not.

    These are issues I encounter when I work with picture libraries kept on external hard-drives. But more specifically on external hard drives which I use to travel with, and therefore have "password protected". As they are my own hard drives, my system keeps the passwords on my keychains. That means, I do not have to enter the passwords each time I connect the hard-drives. The system knows these drives are mine by virtue of the fact that I always use one of my own computers to connect them.
    I am now convinced that ACDSee stumbles across that password protection and can't deal with it. I do believe that is the issue. HOWEVER, I also believe that it is indeed a bug in ACDSee, as the app seems to have no problems to perform some editing on the pictures on my external drives, but not all. Either way, if your team can't fix the issue (or tell me how I can get around the bug) ACDSee becomes somewhat useless to me.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to help you and the ACDSee team to fix this issue.

    With kind regards,