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Strange Format error

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  • Emil
    May be some kind of in-camera raw compression. AFAIK this is not supported for all raw formats in AC

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  • Tahunga
    started a topic Strange Format error

    Strange Format error

    As I was going through some pictures in my ACDSee library I all of a sudden got an error message which tells me that "This file format is not supported. Please contact ACD Systems Customer Care for more information." The format in question is the .PEF format, which is the standard Pentax RAW format. And that format is my primary RAW format which I have been using for years. Strangely enough all the .PEF pictures kept in the same library folder do not have that problem. So I assume that this particular picture got corrupted by ACDSee in some way. Although my Affinity (and most other imaging apps) have no problem reading, displaying, and editing this picture, ACDSee considers it an unknown format and refuses to deal with it. I wonder what happened, and how ACDSee corrupted it.
    I attach two images. "Error 1" shows the error message while "Error 2" shows four images next to each other in the same folder. The PEF image which causes the error is the one in the left upper corner of "Error 2".
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