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Error window appears on many pictures

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  • Error window appears on many pictures

    This is a new problem in my ACDSee Photo Studio 8, Version 8.1.2323:
    On many of my pictures (mostly .JPG) when I scan through them in Development mode (i.e. I open one picture in the Develop tab, and then use the "Next" button) ACDSee opens an Error Window, namely:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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ID:	61487

    If I then click on either "Restore to Original", or "Commit Changes" ACDSee opens a new error window, namely either

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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Size:	115.4 KB
ID:	61483


    Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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Size:	98.7 KB
ID:	61485

    Keep in mind that this happens when I open pictures in a folder for the first time on a given day. In other words, none of these pictures should be in an "Edit" stage.

    When I then click on "Restore Original" or "Commit Changes" the error goes away (and there is no change to the affected picture).

    This problem is very irritating, especially since it keeps happening again and again, and not always with the same pictures.

    Any thought or ideas why this happens?

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    Hi Tahunga,

    This isn't an error, but rather a dialog that appears if you try to develop an encodable image that was edited in ACDSee for Windows or on iOS and then sent to ACDSee via the Mobile Sync app.
    This dialog is necessary because images in an edited state cannot be developed due to the design.

    For more detail, please see the Help file:



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      Hi David,
      thanks for your explanation. Theoretically this makes perfect sense. Except in my case as:
      • I do not have an iPhone. Most of my pictures are taken with one of my two Pentax SLRs, with one of my two Canon Powershots, or my iPad Air.
      • I hardly ever use ACDSee on my iPad. I simply transfer the pictures directly on to my macBook Pro and then edit them on that computer, using ACDSee or a couple of additional External editors which are identified in ACDSee.
      • The warnings only just recently started to show up, and
      • Even when I fix the issue by either committing the changes (which I never applied using my iPad, as the specific pictures were taken with one of my cameras and then they are loaded into my MacBook Pro) or "Restore to Original" (although I did not edit these particular pictures), sometimes the exactly same pictures trigger the same warning again.
      I am currently going through thousands of my pictures to edit some of them again ..... and that's when these warnings started to appear, although many of the pictures have been on my library for years.

      .....I can live with the warnings, although I just simply wondered why they all of a sudden appeared.