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9.2 not able to see files on external Pegasus drives using macOS 13.2.1

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  • harpo
    My suggestion is wait for ACDSee support, If I think the problem is what I think it is they will help.

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  • 9.2 not able to see files on external Pegasus drives using macOS 13.2.1

    Hi All, I’m new to the Forum - today is my first day. That said, I’m not new to ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac (I go back to 2013). I’m posting today because I’ve got a problem with ACDSee Mac 9.2 not 'seeing' data on my external drives (two Promise Pegasus drives). Here’s my question:

    Does anyone have a Promise Pegasus or Pegasus32 external drive attached to an Apple M1 or M2 chip desktop/laptop (macOS 13.2.1) and using ACDSee Photo Studio 9.2 to access your photos on the Pegasus?

    Here’s my problem: In late 2022 I was using my MBP14 M1 (macOS Ventura 13.0), Pegasus and Pegasus32 external drives and Photo Studio 8.0 with no problems. In Nov. 2022 I upgraded to Photo Studio 9.0 - all was good, no problems. As Apple released Ventura updates, I upgraded. I installed macOS 13.2.1 on Feb. 15, 2023. During this timeframe (late 2022 and early March 2023), I did not use ACDSee. Last week I fired up 9.0 and during app initiation it said 9.2 was available - I upgraded. Fired up 9.2, clicked on my Pegasus drives and 9.2 says: ‘There are no items in the selected folder’ (File/Folder Removable Volume permission is properly granted). I’ve got an open ticket with ACDSee Support but no solution yet.

    Note: My MBP14 M1 has no problems talking to both Pegasus drives, multiple 3rd party apps have no problems accessing/updating data on the Pegasus drives. Photo Studio 9.2 does display photos on other ‘Removable’ drives (G-Force and USB drive) with no problems. Photo Studio 9.2, 9.1, 9.0 and 8.0 can no longer display files from the Pegasus drives - it appears one of the OS 13 upgrades (after 13.0) is causing Photo Studio access problems specific to the external Pegasus drives.

    If you are using a Pegasus drive attached to an Apple M1/M2 desktop/laptop and using the 13.2.1, I’d be interested in knowing.​