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  • Please consider the following new features

    Please consider adding the following functionality to later versions of Pro 4 or version 5:

    1) The ability to right-click in the Develop Tab and have the software generate a jpg or tiff, with the current adjustments, and send them to an external editor for additional processing. This would be helpful as now doing that requires a lot of manual steps - change to Manage Tab, manually create a second image, send it to the external editor and then, when finished, manually change back to the Develop Tab. Being able to do all of this with a simple right-click (or other mechanism) would be a big productivity help and remove the need for external plugins.

    An alternate solution would be to add a "Call External Editor" command to the batch functionality. That way the whole thing could be done using a custom batch file made up of "Change Format" and "Call External Editor" although that would require changing back to Manage mode to do the work.

    2) Currently adjusting raw images creates a sidecar file containing the changes to be used in later processing, but there is no similar non-destructive workflow for jpgs and tiffs as those adjustments are written directly to the original file. Please consider using the same sidecar adjustment mechanism for jpgs and tiffs so they can also have a non-destructive workflow.

    3) It would be very nice if the adjustment panels could be moved up and down so as to group the adjustments in whatever is most convenient for an individual's sequence of adjustments. For example, I like to adjust the black and white points first in a raw image, but now I have to scroll all the way down to the Curves adjustment just to make the black and white point adjustments and then scroll back to the top to adjust the horizon and exposure. Allowing the panels to be moved would make people's workflow much easier.

    4) There is now an adjustment for what the app should do when someone double-clicks in the Manage and View modes, but not in the Develop mode. Adding that would be a help.

    5) Please consider adding the "Current Folder" and a sub-folder specification to the Move batch command. That way a user could create a standard batch process that would (a) change the format (ie, process the images) and (b) then move them to that pre-defined sub-folder of the current folder. Doing that would mean that the user would not have to create a new batch file every time to process images. He or she could create a batch command that automatically processed the image and moved the new version to, say, CurrentFolder/ACDSee so whatever folder was being used for the images currently being processed, the software would automatically create a sub-folder (ACDSee in this example) and process and move the files to that folder.

    The user would always know where the final images would be and would not have to create a new batch file each time.

    Thank you for listening.
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    I second the ask for sidecar files for jpg, tiff, and other files that currently have their information embedded (the second point above). I need a workflow that is non-destructive in any way. Please consider adding an option such that sidecars are used for all file types, just as it is for raw files today. Thanks!