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  • Raw file presets

    When Pro 4 loads a raw file it decodes it and displays it with settings it has determined should be used when initially processing the file. It is convenient (although perhaps not really accurate) to refer to the settings that are used to display this raw image as a preset. It would be nice if users could modify the preset for specific types of images. That is, perhaps the user wishes to treat portraits differently than landscape photos and those differently from photos taken when walking through some city.

    Most photo workflow tools allow users to pick different automatic presets for raw images, and it would be nice if Pro had this feature as well. I am referring to the values used to initially display the raw photos, not presets used after loading to further adjust those images.

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    I second this - the Nikon RAW files I use have settings such as "Landscape", Portrait", "Vivid", etc. which are determined in-camera. I have found it somewhat disappointing to see the nicely saturated image (presumably that uses the embedded preview) while a RAW file loading, only to become very "flat" once it has loaded the RAW data.

    I know it would be a big ask for Photo Studio to read the actual settings from each file (proprietary to Nikon, or which ever camera brand), but there could be at least some automatic "load settings" for doing workflows of particular common scene types.