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    Can we please have an option to “Sort By Label” to quickly see all the Red or Blue or whatever labeled files in a particular folder together?

    This can be done via the Organize pane, but the default response is to show EVERY file on your computer with that label, regardless of the file date, location, type. You CAN filter further by using the Calendar panel, but this is then another step in the workflow if all you want to see are your latest, labeled imports. You could perhaps also add an option in Organize to only search the current folder, rather than the entire computer.

    Also, at least on my version (4.0.1), when using Organize to filter labeled files and if I change a colour label (say from Red to Unlabeled), the file remains in the current red “filtered” view, even though it no longer satisfies the sorting criteria of “Red”. This remains even if I Refresh the view. Is this a bug?