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    The dup finder is agonizingly slow. Slower than almost everything else on the market. It's also not accurate, many of the images it finds as duplicates are totally different. This thing needs a complete rewrite, it's a holdover from whenever.
    Need a dup finder that compares images based on image content as well as other criteria. (See UNIK)
    Suggest a drop down where one can set the criteria for comparison including, but not listed to:

    Image content
    Earliest/latest date created
    Earliest/latest date modified

    Here's a typical test case:

    50K image folder with lots of duplicates -
    - ACD duplicate finder still running after 5 hours, not even half done.
    - UNIK complete in 8 minutes with 100% accuracy. Based on image content.

    It's got to get better than that.
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    Hi LeChiffre,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The performance issue of the Find Duplicates tool has been logged in our internal bug tracking system.

    Regarding your comment "many of the images it finds as duplicates are totally different", could you assist me in troubleshooting this by providing two screenshots of the full Find Duplicates window (including the options set), showing an example of a false positive duplicate detection? In the first screenshot, please have one of the falsely detected duplicates selected, then in the second screenshot, have the other falsely detected duplicate selected.

    Best regards,


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      I tried several times and couldn't replicate the issue. I think something happened in the process. It still takes a long long time to process a large folder with the app starting and stopping but the last two results have been good, no problems or false detections.
      However in a large folder of 50K images and thousands of duplicates, it takes many hours to tag each set of duplicates to be removed. A horrible task. It would be better that the app tag the best image of the duplicates based on a set of criteria, show the duplicate set side by side to make sure it's correct so one can scroll through every set then delete the duplicates that were tagged with one click.


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        Hi LeChiffre,

        Thank you for replying to me. I've also been unable to reproduce the false detection issue. Please let me know if you experience the issue again.