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  • More Features for Repair Tab

    Currently, the Repair Tab contains one item: Red Eye Correction. Just another indication the front office rushed this product to market before it was ready. Please add to this tab at a minimum:

    1. An intelligent Healing Brush that requires no pre-selection for replacement interpretation;
    2. A Clone Brush with intelligent feathering options
    3. A Quick Selection Brush that will rapidly isolate part of an image for cutout
    4. A Magic Wand Brush

    Let's hope this fall release of the next version will have these tools and many more, making the Mac version more like the full-featured Windows versions.
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    I agree with you 100%. ACDSee Mac users are treated as second class citizens. Seems as most forum requests go unanswered by ACDSee. Add the features you mentioned and I would be willing to pay more. Professionals are definitely into Mac and need a program that fuller competes with Lightroom. Come on ACDSee, get competitive.