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  • Replacement of colour

    I think the following would be an outstanding feature to be added to ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac. I don't know how easy or difficult it would be to achieve, but I know that some software I own can do it. Here is what I am talking about:

    Replacement of colours:
    1. Select a colour/pixel off a picture using an eye dropper;
    2. Select the "accuracy" of the resulting colour with a slider;
    3. Select the intensity of the "fill" using a slider;
    4. Touch a colour/pixel and have it and all same/similar coloured pixels replaced with the colour selected with the eye dropper.
    You can see the concept and result in my attached video. Since I still can't upload attachments here is the LINK for the video:

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    Hi Tahunga,

    Thank you for your feedback. Adding the ability to selectively edit regions of an image is something on our roadmap, however at the moment this is still TBD.
    I will pass on your feedback to the product team for review.

    As you may already know, it is possible to adjust the saturation, brightness, or hue of a certain color in an image globally (i.e. the whole image will be affected). One way to do this:

    1. In the Develop Tools pane (Tune tab), select the Color EQ tool.
    2. Hover your pointer over the image. Note the color you are hovering over is indicated both by the pointer and the Color EQ sliders (the corresponding slider changes).
    3. Click-and-drag up or down on the image. The target color will be adjusted accordingly.

    I recognize this is not equivalent to the demonstration in your video, but I share with you in the hope that it may help.

    Best regards,


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      Hi David,

      Thanks for your response. I am aware of the Color EQ tool and use it on many of my pictures. It's especially useful if a given colour is overpowering (or "underpowered"). But as you say, the tool is not for replacing colours but to adjust them. What I find especially handy with the Color EQ tool is that one can adjust not only the Saturation but also the Brightness and Hue for each colour.

      On a different topic: Did you see my post regarding ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac running in the new MacOS Catalina environment. I am part of the BETA testing team for this new OS. It is the first MacOS which no longer allows you to run Aperture. In fact, Aperture gets removed from the applications folder when you install Catalina .... so here is the chance for ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac to step forward as "the one and only replacement for Aperture"


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        Hi Tahunga,

        Thanks for your reply. I did see your posts regarding macOS Catalina and I can assure you we're working to ensure ACDSee will be fully supported on the new OS when it's officially released