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    I make photo cards, and for long cards I print 3 images 3.67 x 8.5 inches (to fit the card blanks) on 8.5 x 11 photo paper. Aperture will do this, but it seems ACDSee for Mac will not. The options for printing more than one image on a sheet are unclear, and it does not seem possible even to change the orientation of an image for printing. Could be more useful or more intuitive than that. (ACDSee is not alone in this. Affinity and Pixelmator also will not do it.)

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    Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for your feedback. Currently, ACDSee offers six different print layouts, but not the layout that you are seeking unfortunately. I will review this issue with the product team.
    It is possible to change the orientation of images for printing. In Preferences > General > Print options, check Autorotate images for best fit.



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      David - For my purposes, I want to orient three horizontal images one above the other across a vertical sheet. (8.5x11, or A4, e.g.) If I use autorotate, it orients the horizontal image vertically, to align with the vertical orientation of the page. It doesn't seem to acknowledge that I am trying to get three of them on the same page, and align the grouping "for best fit". I could not see a way to get three images to appear in the preview, as is shown in the print options list, but I did not pursue it to the point of printing to see if it shows up on paper. Maybe I should try UNchecking "autorotate for best fit? Will try to remember that next time I print . . .


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        David & Dev Team,

        Thank you for the HELPUL TIP!!!

        After having spent a whole "COVID-19" afternoon testing unwieldy margins on expensive art paper (via the ACDSee Photo Studio 6 Print Menu, the MacOS 10.15.4 Printer Settings, and the Canon Pixma Pro-100 driver), I was FINALLY able to properly predict perfect results! This Autorotate images for best fit Function could have been activated by default, perhaps.

        First, from ACDSee, one must choose a Paper (Document) Size as well as a desired Picture (Print) size. Then, pressing the ACDSee <Printer> Icon leads straight to the convoluted Mac OS Printer Settings module. Once there, make sure to hit the <Show Details> button.

        Now in the 'detailed' MacOS Printer Settings, one must immediately reselect a Paper (Document) Size... There is a bit of redondancy here, so that may be something to automate in a future release if ever possible (!?)

        For 8.5 x 11 paper, I have built my own custom paper size: exactly 215.9mm x 279.4mm, without any "Non-Printable Area" input i.e. 0 (ZERO) mm of margin for top / bottom / left / right.

        Always important to visit the <Quality & Media> section in order to select a matching Paper Type (Canon Pro Luster, Canon Platinum, etc.); last but not least, see the <Color Options> section for adjusting Brightness or Contrast if needed.