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  • Improve features

    Bring Photo Studio up to par with windows programs. I would gladly pay extra for those features.

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    davidR Could you explain? What "Windows programs"? What features? Hard to guess what you are suggesting.


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      I could take a guess, but where to begin?

      GPU-accelerated layers, use plugins in layers, record and playback actions, HDR, focus stacking, blended cloning, customization of color adjustments, face detection and facial recognition, layer effects, Improved bordering, make the effects that have been available in the Windows version a part of the Mac product, smart erase, improved portrait retouching, etc.

      The Mac product is a minor-league player compared to Window versions. Any package of significant new features, not one or two, would be most welcome.



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        davidR - My apologies for not understanding your original question. I missed that you were asking about the Mac version.


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          What I would to see:
          1. Cloning tool as in photoshop.
          2. Erase tool such as in photoshop.
          3. ACDSee for windows can do the following:
          Smooth out flaws.
          Adjust contrast in specific areas.
          in fact bring the Mac version up to the Ultimate for windows version.
          Mac users should not be considered second class citizens.
          I love ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac. It?s data base function is outstanding
          and in my opinion none can compare with it.
          It just needs to be brought up to date will their top Windows programs.


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            +share to Mail


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              Hi smashed avocado,

              Here's a way to share to using the External Editors feature:

              1) In Tools menu, External Editors > Configure Editors...
              2) Add...
              3) Select Mail

              Mail is now added as an external editor. Now when you select photo(s) and then select Mail from the External Editors list, a new email window will open with the photo(s) attached.

              For more details about the External Editors feature, please see the Help file.



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                I want to add my voice to DavidR's request list. I am a Windows user and have used ACDsee for more than a decade. I am teaching Digital art and tried to get people to switch from Adobe Elements to ACDsee for Mac. But it lacks those same critical features that DavidR has listed. These are not minor items but critical operations. I cannot for the life of me understand why there is such a diversity between your two product lines.