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  • Face recognition

    Hi, The Windows version has face recognition, had it for quite a while. Please bring this to the Mac version as well...

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    I'm waiting for this feature too, to install ACDSee home on my windows and Mac. Until there I'll keep photoshop elements.
    but I had try ACDSee home on windows and I liked.


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      By now we have version 7 (works well, BTW, on a Big Sur system) but we still don't have face recognition. For me this is the last element that is missing in ACDSee for Mac so I can completely ditch the Adobe leechers with their subscription model. As much as I like Lightroom, I will not give in. But please please bring facial recognition to the Mac version. The Win version has had it for quite a while, it can't be all that difficult to add that module here too?


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        This issue was brought up already a long time ago but nothing has happened since. Come on ACDSee, it can't be that difficult: you have face recognition in the Windows version, please add it to the Mac version now.
        It is a sad state of affairs that this development takes so long, as it is more or less the last feature missing to make a switch from (subscription based! ) Lightroom possible... And that's what we are all waiting/hoping for...


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          I am sure there are a lot of us in the same boat and am also surprised ACDSEE hasn't added face recognition yet. Maybe they never will which is too bad because there are a lot of us out there who will not be held up by Adobe. The first company who has face recognition, other than Adobe, in a Mac editor will have a lot of instant customers.