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Maintain image magnification when browsing in View mode?

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  • Maintain image magnification when browsing in View mode?

    Is it possible to maintain the image magnification when moving from one image to another in View mode using a keystroke, rather than mouse-clicking on the "next" icon, or image by image in the filmstrip? If not, could this be done? Edit: having the option of setting the magnification would also be good; Nikon View NX-i has this feature.
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    Hi Bruce,

    The Zoom Lock option (available in the View menu) should be what you're looking for. It maintains the image magnification as you move from image to image.

    I can recommend a couple ways to move from image to image with keystrokes in View mode: the simplest is to hit the Spacebar. This will advance to the next image, and wrap around to the start when it reaches the end. Another way is to use custom shortcuts. In the Preferences > Mouse and Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts section, select Go from the list on the left, and then define any shortcut you like for the Previous Image and Next Image commands.

    Best regards,


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      The zoom lock and space bar methods are most useful, especially when purging duds - thanks David. A good day when you learn something new . . .