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Features for "Find Duplicates" process

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  • Features for "Find Duplicates" process

    Here are my thoughts on new features for the "Find Duplicates" process:
    • Once the process is completed, you are presented with a list of "Sets of Duplicates". It would be nice if these sets INCLUDING all their sub folders could be opened by clicking on the triangle in the left upper corner of the list display. Currently clicking on that triangle only opens the sets which have been opened previously (manually).
    • It would be nice if one could filter the various criteria which identify "Duplicates". I.e. images of:
      • equal size
      • same file name
      • same image
    • It would also be nice if there would be an "auto-mark" feature which allows one to mark duplicates based on certain criteria, such as:
      • preferred folders (i.e. mark all duplicates in a given folder last)
      • preferred image type
      • preferred creation date (i.e. mark older duplicates, or mark newer duplicates)
      • etc.

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    Hi Tahunga,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    I understand your second and third suggestions and I'll review these with the product team.
    I'm confused about your first suggestion though. Clicking the disclosure triangle of a set should show you the duplicates in that set.
    Note you can also right-click any item in the list and Expand All to expand all sets at once.