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Photo Studio Mac 7 - JPG Quality Default

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  • Photo Studio Mac 7 - JPG Quality Default

    I request a method of changing the default JPG Quality level when using the "Save" dialog from the Develop mode.
    Perhaps this could be an addition to the options in the Preferences dialog.

    IMHO, this setting is important to have full control over quality and file size and the "Save" dialog could be used more effectively. The user would then have the choice of how the outputted image is to used (print, web, or archive). It would make the work-flow so much smoother to set up Auto-Save and just be able to go through, tweek your photos and go to the next one with some flexibility in the quality/size trade-off. Also, if I go back to photo that was "Developed" after it was saved, it will be "re-compressed" when saved again.

    Now, I am using the "Save-As" dialog which works but it requires several extra steps for each photo (and the Output Color Profile conversion option does not appear to do anything.)

    Please let me know if I have missed something or if there is a work-around.

    Thanks ......... Dave