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  • ACDC File Format Support

    I make extensive use of both the Windows and Mac versions of ACDSee Photo Studio, I found an area that is causing me some frustration. If I save a photo in Ultimate 2022 on the PC, I can't open it on the Mac. I can't even look at it. I have to export a version on the PC, which defeats the purpose of non-destructive editing. I understand that the Mac version doesn't have edit mode, but could you add a read-only support to the Mac, so I can at least look at the photos?

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    I run my Mac as a virtual machine with VMWare Fusion, Ultimate 2022 on the Windows side and Photo Studio 8 for Mac on the Mac side.

    I don't use either version to edit/develop my raw images, but instead use Capture One.

    I use both versions as a DAM only.

    What I do Is I catalog my images in Ultimate 2022, this allows me to catalog that information into Photo Studio 8. This means the catalogs are identical.

    I'm waiting for the day when Photo Studio for Mac allows me to sort by groups.

    I can develop/edit with both versions if the need be without any problems.

    I assume you are running 2 computers?


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      The Mac version really needs to achieve feature parity with the PC version. Until then it's just a toy that can easily be replaced by open source DAMs that run on both platforms identically (i.e. Digikam). I have a laptop running Windows and a Mac running MacOS. I use Luminar Neo for editing photos, and recently I tried using ACDSee. I knew that the Mac version is vastly inferior to the PC version, and it has no edit mode, but I expected that I could at least read files made by the PC version. Not having a shared file format or I suspect even an XML format makes it as useful as having Lightroom for the Mac and ACDSee for the PC. They don't talk to each other either.