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Tagged image in View Mode, is not used for Develop Mode

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  • Tagged image in View Mode, is not used for Develop Mode

    The following request is probably very easy to integrate, but quite difficult to explain.

    After a holiday, I use the following workflow: Every day has its own folder with photos in. After a holiday of 14 days, 14 folders.
    I select/tag every interesting photo. And sometimes I develop some of them on the fly.
    So after the holiday I have 14 folders, with photos in with the most interesting ones tagged, and some already developed.

    Then I use the menu item in Manage Mode: Select - Select Tagged.
    And switch to View Mode. All the tagged images are selected and I can view them full screen. With the filmstrip with all the tagged images below the photo.
    When I want to develop a photo I click Develop, and then not the selected photo is in Develop Mode, but always the first one of the tagged list (= first photo of the film strip).

    When I work directly from View Mode WITHOUT the tagged photos selected, it works perfect. The right picture is used in Develop Mode so it is possible.

    Please fix this, so that the photo I am viewing is the one that is used for developing.
    If my explanation is not clear enough, feel absolute free to contact me for extra questions/explanations. If I can help you in any way, don't hesitate

    Marcel Wilschut