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  • Batch processing resize

    I've just resized 12 jpegs, being all the files in a folder, using batch processing. I ticked the option to say remove original files.

    It was very worrying when the thumbnails of the files all disappeared, and nothing in their place! I wondered where the new resized files were. I could not find them and only by chance found out the cure - go up one level in the folder tree on the left then back down to the original folder. This refreshes the folder contents and the new re-sized files were all there - mush relief!

    Surely the software should refresh the folder automatically when a batch process such as resize is run, to show its contents after the batch has finished. If original files are deleted by the batch, then there may not be much visible difference, but if originals are retained, and all files in the folder were included in the batch process, then there should be twice the number of thumbnails.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    I am not sure this post will answer your question, but when I do a resize I create a batch file that first copies the images I want to resize to a subfolder and then resizes those images. In that way the originals are left untouched and, if I check "remove source files" for the resize, I end up with only the resized images in the subfolder I use.

    However I do have to say that the entire resize operation seems a bit clunky and not nearly as easy to do as it should be.
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