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Using ACDSee Photo Studio 4 for Mac as a DAM

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  • Using ACDSee Photo Studio 4 for Mac as a DAM

    Since moving from Windows to Mac a few months ago I have experimented with several applications as a digital asset manager. Despite missing features and bugs with keywording, I have settled on ACDSee Photo Studio 4 for Mac. The reason is speed.

    By typing keywords, parts of file names, camera or lens info, I can do a search of thousands of image files and have thumbnails for the desired photos on my screen within a couple of seconds. For developing/editing images, I can right-click on an image (or a group of images) and open in third-party editors. This hasn't made my workflow more efficient, but I can find needed images quickly. Hopefully, the workflow efficiency will improve with additional bug fixes (and new features -- we don't know what -- promised for version 5 in November 2018).


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    Waiting another year for an update to make the app usable is terrible.
    I was one of the first to jump on this app when V1 first came out I think it was 5-6 years ago. Paid $170 bucks for it. It was on the Apple Store shelves touted to be the best thing since sliced bread until a few months later when it was realized it was a total dud. Apple removed it quickly. Then came V2 and V3 promised to be better than sliced bread and again a few months later it was even a bigger dud. Then came V4 as a new write and at least the basic functioning was fixed but limited capability.
    So here we are about 6 years later and have to wait another year for something usable.
    Sheesh folks. How much of this can we stand?
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      Two features I miss with the MAC vesuon are a healing and a clone tool. Otherwise I am happy with the program. I love the DAM portion findit extremely versatile.


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        Agreed, Bob. For me it was between Photo Studio 4 and Photo Supreme. Both work off a database and are extremely fast. Photo Extreme has some nice advanced features such as versioning (hint, hint, ACD). However, it's extremely buggy. It seems as if its users simply put up with the crashes and finicky behavior because they like it so much when it works. However, for me unreliability in a DAM are unacceptable. Photo Studio 4 has been solid as a rock during my evaluation. I've already pre-paid for the v5 upgrade and can't wait.