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..will there come Local Language Version(s) in the future..?

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  • ..will there come Local Language Version(s) in the future..?

    ..after all.. what I have encountered during a long and loyal using period with ACDSee..
    after having now a running Version for all Mac User's, it raised the question up to the table:
    • Will there come local Language Version(s) for ACDSee Photo Studio for MAC in the future..?..

    (here preferred German) .
    Would be nice to have an idea, what's in your pipeline.
    Kind regards

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    Hello MixMax,

    A German version of ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac is available on our website. Please visit:

    Complete photo editing/photo and digital asset management (DAM) software solutions for professional and home users. RAW processing. Technical illustration software with GIS.


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      Thanks Mcosgrove,

      for your help, but unfortunately, it didn't worked for me:
      • have de-installed the actual Version on my MacBook pro
      • downloaded the "German" Version as a try out and installed it
      • but than : after open it the first time, I want to give in my License Key it comes back with: "License Key not Valid for this Version" , please try it again.... Click image for larger version

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      • is there any chance to switch my License Key to be valid to the German Version?

      Kind Regards


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        Hello MixMax,

        Yes we can exchange your English license key for a German key. Please contact Customer Care and they will take care of it for you (see link below).

        Product support for the complete line of ACD Systems applications.


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          Hello Mark,
          great, thx for your info, I wrote Customer Care, will see when and how they answer.


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            Hello MixMax,

            I searched our support ticket system with your email address you registered for the forum. Did you use a different email address to send that support ticket ? Please let me know the support ticket number so I can look into it.

            I also sent you a private message, so you can reply there with more information such as the email address and order number.

            Thanks - James
            Customer Care Team


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              OK, I have just found your support ticket. Will reply your support email.

              Customer Care Team


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                Hi Mark and James,
                thx for your kind help,
                the ex english (American) version is removed and replaced by the new localized Version (German), the old Version Key is free to be retired.
                The Service Ticket , was Case #: 214740
                Kind regards

                Near by Note: How I will be informed in the future, if there will be released a never Version, for the German ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac.?
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