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Image Basket in Photo Studio 5

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  • Image Basket in Photo Studio 5

    Ok. I put some images into the image basket. How do I find those images now? I click on image basket and nothing happens? What am I missing?

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    Hi grcolts,

    I'm happy to try and help but could you clarify the issue?
    When you say you want to find those images, what do you mean?
    When you say you clicked on Image Basket, what exactly did you click?

    After adding images to the image basket, you can right-click (or ctrl-click) the image basket item and select "Reveal in Folders Tree" to go to the image's location in ACDSee (or "Show in Finder" to see it in Finder).



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      Thank you David...watching the video it shows a bottom panel where you can drag images into the image basket. I never see that option. When I go to edit I click on image basket from the drop down menu and supposedly that image is put into the basket. So, when I want to view those images in the basket, I am stumped on how to do that? I understand what you are saying with the right/control click which takes me to one image but if I want to view all the images I have put into the image basket I cannot do that? Maybe I am misunderstanding what the image basket really does?


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        Hi grcolts,

        Thanks for clarifying. Please try the following:

        To confirm if the Image Basket is currently shown or hidden:
        1) In the ACDSee menu bar (top of screen), click View.
        2) The last menu item should be "Image Basket". Is there a checkmark beside it? If not, click that menu item to show the Image Basket.
        3) If there is a checkmark but you still can't see the Image Basket, please try resizing the Image Basket height.

        To resize:
        1) Hover your pointer over the bottom of the file list (e.g. just below the thumbnail size slider).
        2) When the pointer changes to a "Resize up" icon (), click and drag up to see the Image Basket.

        Hope this helps. Please let me know if I'm still misunderstanding.



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          David, thanks much for your assistance. Your last advice was what I needed to resolve my problem. I had forgot to resize my screen so my images were hidden from me.
          Thank you for pointing out my error! Cheers.