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  • Red check mark

    Ok, I know this is probably silly but I can't find the answer anywhere. Under each photo there is a box that when checked turns red with a check mark in it. Does that just highlight that photo and others with the red checkmark, or does it do something else? I'm afraid to check it and have the photo disappear or something! Thanks.

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    Hi RPbySC,

    That checkmark is used for tagging images. The Help file gives some example use cases:

    "It is easy to take hundreds of photos at an important event like a wedding or a marathon. After you have transferred those photos to your computer, you may want to review them and select the best photos. Tagging is a fast and easy way to temporarily identify and separate images for editing or review.

    You can display all your tagged photos with one click by clicking Tagged under Special items in the organize pane. Tagging, like categories, ratings, and color labels, is a way to set aside, organize, and group your photos without moving the files into different folders."

    Best regards,


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      Thank you david@acd. That helps. Tagging looks to be a temporary way of identifying photos that I'd want to keep processing and save as the best of the bunch.