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several categories for 1 photo

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  • several categories for 1 photo


    when I add a category to 1 or more photos, the category will be added but I have to reselect the photos again for adding a second category. Sometimes I add 4 categories and I always have to reselect the photos.

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    Hi fharald8344,

    Thank you for your feedback. How are you adding Categories? I can suggest a few methods which will keep the photos selected:
    • Drag-and-drop the photos to the Category in the Organize pane.
    • In the Organize pane, click in the checkbox of the Category.
    • Right-click the photos, then choose the Category from the Categories sub-menu.
    • In the Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts menu, assign a keyboard shortcut to the Category. Then use the keyboard shortcut.
    Regarding the first two suggestions, please be careful not to select the Category (for example, by clicking the Category name rather than the checkbox). Selecting the Category in the Organize pane returns all cataloged photos in that Category.

    Hope this helps.



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      I use the properties pane and click the checkboxes of the categories.

      point 3 is also nice, but I also have to reselect the Fotos.

      I use about 20 categories, too many for me to assign shortcuts.