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Where can I find the meaning of the various icons?

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  • Where can I find the meaning of the various icons?

    I just scanned through most of the Help text to figure out what a specific icon attached to an image means. But I could not find the answer.

    Here then is the link to a picture of the icon in question:

    ...can anyone tell me:
    1. Where I can find the meaning of this particular icon, and
    2. Where I can find a list of all icons used within the app.


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    It means your image has been geotagged.

    Here's a links to the ACDSee tutorial which explains all the icons:


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      Hi LV_Bill,

      thanks for this information. It's exactly what I have been looking for. I wonder why ACDSee does not place this information into the HELP text. Unless there is some copy-right argument involved, a simple "cut-and-past" should do it.


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        Hi Tahunga,

        Please refer to the "Overlay Icons" section in the "Browsing Files in the File List Pane" topic. Here is the link:



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          Hi David,

          ....there it is. I guess I was looking and looking without success. Could not find "icons" nor "Overlay Icons" in the "INDEX" tab. And using the Search window did not find the "icons" either. To go to Manage Mode > Browsing > Browsing Files in the File List Pane does not seem to be intuitive to me. I was mostly looking for an image of a picture as it appears in the Manage window and all the information kept on that image's frame, including the icons. I guess that's just how my thought process works.

          Thanks for the link, and you help,