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  • The long term Beta testers

    Has anyone woken up to the fact that we the users are being used to debug this app and then getting charged for each new version? Has been going on since the first version. The app is still only half done and still buggy as all getout. There are still no repair functions except a red eye correction that doesn't work worth a nickel and it just lacks the solid look, feel and speed of a Mac app.

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    Hi Dan8,

    Can't agree with you more, see my topic in Product Review, under Satellite View.




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      At half, a third, sometimes even a sixth of the price asked by other developers for similar photo editing software, and believe me I have purchased them all at least once in the last two, three years, to my taste IQ stemming from ACDSee-developed files always end up in top 3 if not first! Affinity Photo, Alien Skin Exposure X, Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Capture One, Corel AfterShot, DXO PhotoLab, Luminar, Pixelmator Pro, On1, RPP, SilkyPix Pro, name them all! It’s not perfect, nor complete, but I have gotten awesome results effortlessly from ACDSee so far; the latest version Photo Studio for Mac 6 is pretty much like 5, but on steroids!

      “Beta-testing” consomption, pervasive in the programming industry, is not quite the usual drudgery here (Hi, Luminar!): no one cares as much as David and his Mac team, as most bugs that affected me directly were ironed out in version 5 lifespan.


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        Yup it's cheaper....get what you pay for....keep on working on the betas; maybe by V10 there will be something worth buying.


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          Dan8 joined the forum in September 2013 and I'm sure has been through all the problems ACDSee has dished out with the Mac version.
          Marathonianbull joined the forum in March 2019, check out the Windows version and see the different for yourself.


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            Hi - All of you, disgruntled ACDCSee-for-Mac old-timers!

            In spite of my shorter time with this program, I feel old and experienced enough to claim that I see a significant difference under the hood in favour of version 6 over 5: as long as it’s faster and more stable, I’ll be using it (as a powerful DAM and excellent RAW/JPEG developer) in conjunction with various other tools whenever / if ever needed (via its External Editors function).

            But yes, we all wish it had a magic eraser (so many unwelcome birds in the sky, stress wrinkles all around) and some photoshopping abilities (for the occasional special effects and creative filters). For that, my current favourites are Exposure X4 (X5 sooner or later), SilkyPix Pro 9, and Affinity Photo. Pixelmator Pro is also limited, but fun. Still use Lightroom CC once in a while, but less and less. ON1, Luminar are gone for good.

            My point is: do you need to rely on ACDSee for Mac only?


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              After trudging through almost all the current similar apps mentioned by the above users and never finding a stable home, I use Apple Photos as a base management DAM and whatever plug-ins needed to correct. I never have to worry about Photos as it's joined at the hip to the OS. I found it best to keep as close to the Mac as possible. Latest - Luminar 4 release is great with lots of AI built in. Still searching for a true Kodachrome Dad shot Kodachrome and those pics are breathtaking especially of Yosemite and the Sierras.