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Beyond ACDSee: keywords and mystery labels

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  • Beyond ACDSee: keywords and mystery labels

    I'm trying out Photo Studio 6 and mostly liking it, but I'm also wary of being bound to a proprietary set-up lest something change in ways I don't care for or support someday disappears. I want to feel like I can bail (or be abandoned) without having wasted a lot of effort. Keywords appear to be problematic in that regard since it seems PS cannot write hierarchical keywords to the IPTC keyword field where they could be used in other DAMs. I've used the batch tool to write ACDSee keywords to IPTC, but only the most specific level migrates. Did I overlook a method to accomplish translating hierarchies?

    Another extra-ACDSee issue I have is odd color labels showing up on files after I embed ACDSee metadata in them. In Adobe Bridge, a white label appears on those files; in IDimager Photo Supreme, it's a gray label. Neither DAM uses labels of those colors, but there they are. Metadata I've embedded so far has included IPTC locations and ACDSee keywords and color labels (the text name of the color label translates, but the label always displays as whilte/gray). Anyone else seen this?

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    Hi nxnw,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Currently, it's not possible to transfer ACDSee Keywords to IPTC Keywords in a way that keeps the hierarchy. Although you could manually write IPTC keywords in the format understood by other apps (example: parent|child or child<parent), I recognize this workaround is not ideal.

    Regarding the label, I confirm I can reproduce this issue. This issue has been logged in our internal bug tracking system.

    I'll review both of these issues with the product team.



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      Thanks for the reply, David. Any plans to add the ability to write keyword hierarchies to IPTC in a 6.x or other future version?


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        That's been a frustrating issue for years...glad someone is looking at it.