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New to ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac - incredibly disappointed

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  • New to ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac - incredibly disappointed

    I used ACDSee up to about 11 years ago when I switched to Mac. I would have stayed with it but there was no Mac version. So I bought Aperture and have been very happy with it as an easy to use photo editor. But Apple decided to dump Aperture so I thought I'd look at ACDSee again. My mate uses Photo Studio Ultimate and swears by it so I was disappointed when I found there is still no professional ACDSee product for Macs. I had a look at PS for Mac and it seemed to have all the features of Aperture and a bit more, so I went with it. I wanted to do some simple things first but thought I'd go through some of the videos I was told were online. I had a look but as far as I can see, you can only get Photo Studio Ultimate tutorials. OK, lets just take an image and crop it. Nowhere can I find type CROP into the HELP field....NO RESULTS FOUND. So I'm driven to google it and I eventually find cropping is buried in DEVELOP/GEOMETRY. What the hell is wrong with the word CROP? Next, I want to duplicate an image. I find Command D easily enough but none of the jpegs in this particular folder will duplicate, giving an error : THE OPERATION COULD NOT BE COMPLETED OSStatus error 4. Can't find OSStatus in HELP of course so I go to ACD Systems Forums..there must be something there. A search on OSSTATUS ERROR 4 brings up nothing so I try to register to post a new problem record. I enter info in all the fields, hit Submit or whatever the field was called and I get an error message. That was two or three days ago and I can't remember exactly what it was, other than registering was not available. I tried a few times later but still no good, though I did get through and register the next day. Since then, I've run through a couple of simple operations and the application has crashed twice. I just want my money back and I'll spend the extra on a Photoshop/Lightroom subscription

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    I have to agree. I came to ACDSee from a recommendation and have been similarly disappointed, the constant crashing is making it close to useless. There are loads of bugs and bizzarities and the lack of support means I, for one, will not be recommending =it to friendsa nd colleagues.

    There's clearly a lot less though gone into the Mac versions.