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Import: How to select multiple images at once?

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  • Import: How to select multiple images at once?

    I can't find a way to select several pictures at once in the Import dialog. I have marked them (showing a grey frame) but when I click in the select field only this file is selected. It seems that I have to klick every single image even if I want to select tens or hundreds of photos. Can this be true in the year 2021?

    Second there seems to be no way to filter files according to their type. I want to import only JPG from a SD card which contains also RAW files. I cannot see how to do this from inside Photo Studio v7.

    And at last: How can I import pictures from the system hard drive to - for example - a new folder hierarchy on this drive with Photo Studio? If I click on the import button nothing happens. It seems this only works when a SD card is inserted. Is this true? If yes - why?

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    Hi blurbs,

    Currently, the import dialog allows you to filter and select by date, but not by type.
    Regarding your last point, yes, the Import tool is designed to import from external devices (SD Cards, USB drives, cameras, iOS devices, etc), not the local volume.
    I understand all your points and will review these with the product team.