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  • Upgrade to V8

    I have submitted a question via support but have had no response so I’m wondering if anyone can answer my question here.
    I have received an email regarding a discount for an update to V8 and currently have v6.
    I am about to receive a new M1 Imac next week so i obviously want V8 to go onto the new machine so will have to delete v6 before selling the old Imac.
    I would like to know if it will be possible to still get the upgrade to V8 on the new machine or will i have to pay full price and buy the software again.
    Any help will be gratefully received

    Regards Adrian

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    Hi AdeC,

    You can log into your acdID user portal to find the upgrade option to ACDSee for Mac 8 which runs natively on Apple's M1 system. Or you can directly contact our sales team directly for this upgrade :

    Hope this helps.

    ACD Customer Care