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Prevent Sidecar from Appearing on Hard Drive?

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  • Prevent Sidecar from Appearing on Hard Drive?

    When I import images from a sd card to my hard drive with ACDsee, ACDsee puts sidecar with the image on the hard drive. As I am new to ACDsee, is there a way to import images from a card, save keyword and labels so I can view them with Capture One 22, and not have a sidecar on my hard drive? I'm using ACDsee Photo Studio 8 as a DAM and Capture One as an editor. Thanks for whatever advice you can give!

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    Hi StevenSL,

    I edit my raw images first, convert them to jpeg's in Capture One 22, save them to a directory and catalog them to a DAM in ACDSee Mac or Ultimate. This way there are no side cars in ACDSee. I then delete the side cars etc in Capture One.


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      Harpo, thanks for your Reply and suggestion. I'll try that out. I'm trying to get around deleting .xmp sidecars once they are created.